Horticultural Industries

In modern times, horticulture has been separated several fields of specialized interest:
Pomology. Fruit growing is one of the most ancient of horticulture industries, as indicated in records of many of the early civilization of the worlds. In this country, fruit-growing has reached a very intensive stage of development, from the standpoint of technology.The commercial fruit industry of the United States,  including citrus fruits, apples, peaches, grapes, pears, strawberries, cherries, plums, and many others, extends over an area of 6 million ares with an annual average production in recent years of 20 million tons and a cash value to the growers in excess of 1000 take million. Tree-nut production averages annually 25,0000 tons with a cash value to the growers of 90million.

Vegetable production is also an ancient horticulture enterprise. Aside from home and marker gardening, vegetable production in the Unites States has been expanded over tremendous areas with the growing of such crops as lettuce, tomatoes, melons, onions, cabbage, and many other truck crops, for shipment railway and truck refrigeration to distant markers. The commercial vegetable industry covers approximately 2 million acres with an annual average production of 10 million tons and a cash value to the growers of 1000000 million.


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