Floriculture And Ornamental Horticulture

The commercial production of flowers and the production of tree and shrubs for landscape planting are much more recent developments, but both have reached tremendous proportion in a shout period  of time. There are at present approximately 6,00 major growers of floral craps and 12,000 others operating on a lesser scales, employing 160,000 people and utilization  210  million square feet of greenhouse space. The wholesale floriculture carp amounts to 3.5 billion and the retail business to 8.5 billion  The nurseries of the Unites State have a capital investment of 1 billion and average annual crop value of 99million.

Throughout the world, thee are many horticultural industries of outstanding interest and significance, such as the bulb industry of Holland, coffee in Brazil and Central America, bananas in Central and South American, and cacao in several of the tropical  areas, principally in Asia and Africa. In the case of cirrus world production, representing many counters, reached the staggering total of 500 million boxes in 2000-2011 
In connection with these major phases of production based on type of plant material involved, there are also several important kinds of work that involve various plants in each group. Propagation of plants is accomplished by many different methods, of which see dag is the  most common:  other methods include the use of various plants parts such as bulbs, rhizomes or tubers, layers or cutting, and finally budding and grafting. These practices are fundamental in the many types of greenhouse and nursery industries: and even in the case of seed age many new techniques are constantly being developed  to aid grows.

Precessing of horticulture products by dehydration, pickling, canning, and quick freezing represent another industry that has expanded rapidly in recent years. For example, the canned pack of  three vegetable and three fruits in a recent average season was 125 million cases. the pack of reopen vegetable was 990 million pounds:  of only three fruits, 300 million pounds: and of frozen citrus concentrates, 50 million gallons. Breeding of horticultural crops and testing of variates are other types of work which continue to be increasing importance from year to year.New materials are being continually introduced from other and new methods of inducing variations have resulted in a much wider range of characters for select. A few yer ago, most frut varieties were the result of chance seedling, but each year an increasing number of new varieties with desirable characters are being made available  as a direct result of this breeding program.


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