Feed Meter

Feed meter :
While it is probably better to regulate the fate of feeding fish by experience, there is one device that can give some guidance –a feed meter. This is a temperature gauge which indicates when and when not to feed the fish

Fish feeder :
You can also buy a floating food dispenser, which distributes food automatically when is active by the fish. It is suitable for all types of feeding stuff and for all size of fish. They take just what they want and there is no risk of pollution. This device is excellent for use during holiday times and also during mild periods in winter. In a larger pool it might be necessary to install several of these floating fish feeders.

Removing fish from a pool :
If ever you have to empty a pond containing fish you must remove them to a safe place such as a larger barrel or water butt, of a temporary pond constructed in a corner of the garden by digging a hole of a suitable size and lining it with polythene sheeting. if for any reason the fish have to stay out of the main pool for a long time, a temporary pond is the vest solution . it is important, however to make sure that the temporary pond is large enough, so there is no danger of. Overcrowding :

When removing fish from the pool never catch them in your hand as this might damage their scales and remove the protective mucus covering their bodies. This renders them more liable to disease. Fish must always be caught in a net. There are several designs of nets. Usually the framework and handle are made of aluminum. Satisfactory nets have an opening pf 120sq. ins (770sq.cm). There are also nets available with (2.25m) long handles, which are telescopic. In addition there are hand fish nets which have a wire framework and a rot-proof, very fine mesh. Hand nets vary in size, but the largest opening is about 10*9ins (25*22.5cm). They are particularly useful for removing fry from the main pool to a nursery pond if breeding takes place. If the fry are not taken out, until they reach more than I in. (2.5cm) long they are likely to be devoured by the larger fish.


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