Bangladesh is a tropical country. Its climatic factors like temperature, rainfall, air, light, etc are favorable for the production of various crops. It is also a Delta  country. As a result, its topography and soil conditions are favorable for the growth of certain crops . Think about the vast expanse of flat land we have! Also the few hills we have are not very big and high. Bangladesh is crisscrossed by hundreds of rivers- big and small. They give the land a lot of alluvial after each flooding. This alluvial soil is fertile and easy to prepare for cultivation.

A country plough  is a traditional Agriculture implement. Every village carpenter can made it. And you can buy a plowshare from any village blacksmith. The carpenter first makes its body by shaping it out of a log. Then he shapes the upper end of the curved wood into a handle. He then fixes a share to the top of the lower end of the body. Finally, he fixes a wooden beam to the body. Now it is ready for use in the field. A pair of bullocks draw the plough while the farmer holds the handle firmly. He can use the plough to break up and loosen the soil. A country p lough has some advantages.He can easily carry it from one place to another.It is simple to made, easy to operate and is not expensive. But if you want to do some deep plugging and control deep-rooted weeds the country plough is not the right tool.
In these days of fast- increasing inflation and wage restriction, are finding it essential to do everything they can to reduce their cost of living . Growing one’s own fruit and vegetable has become necessary, as well as pleasurable, for many of us. Home freezers are now very popular, and, if used intelligently, do not take long to repay their initial cost. You can grow you produce cheaply from seeds of plants, pick it at its peak, eat what  you want, and freeze the rest so that you can still enjoy it in its prime when it is out of season, and without having the trouble of going to the shops.
But a far larger part of the average family’s food bill goes on protein foods, important which, like fruit and vegetables, is an important part of a healthy, well balanced diet. Cheese and eggs are still relatively cheap sources of protein, have risen phenomenally. Even the cheaper’ cuts of meat and types of fish are now expensive, and a home-produced source of these foods is the best way to make the maximum savings. Traditionally, these sources wore chickens, which produce eggs, of course, as well as meat, and rabbits. But nowadays people are also turning to fresh- water fish such as rainbow trout, carp and trench, which can be raised in ponds and ornamental for the unproductive goldfish, golden ore, golden ruddy, etc.
Although to many people this may sound a novel idea, it is nothing of the sort. All the medieval monasteries had within their walls one or more fishponds stocked with carp. The monks were obliged to eat fish on certain days  for religious reasons,  and sea fish would have been inedible after  a long journey from the coast .a fish pool was also a feature of many of the garden of great house, and before the eighteenth century, served the same purpose. Then the style of large houses and their gardens changed the pool became ornamental and was planted out with water lilies, and goldfish were introduced. In the more rural districts of France many small pools are stocked with carp still, and provide fish for the table.


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