Breathin & Feeding

 Breathin :
 Fish have a special mechanism in the shape of their gills for extracting oxygen from the water. The gills are positioned on either side of the head, a little behind the eyes. The vital parts of the gill, the gill filament and the gill lamella, are protected by the gill filament and the gill lamells, are protected by the gill cover . The water inters the gill by way of the mouth, which contains what what amounts to a non-return valve preventing the water from flowing out. It leaves through the skin fold, which functions as a valve at the opening at the rear of the gill cover Any food particles are sieved out by the gill rakes on the inside of the gill arch. The water then flows through the gill lamells, in which there is a fine network of blood capillaries to absorb the oxygen in the water into the bloodstream of the fish.
Feeding :Many fish are carnivorous, buy the they do not all prey on other fish. The most usual food consists of a variety of bottom-living and mid-water organisms, such as insert larvae, mollusk, small plank tonic crustaceans, etc. Some fish live on insects which fall on the water surface. Often, when these are plentiful, they do not touch other food. Some species of fresh-water fish live exclusively on vegetation. Carp and tench like to eat water plants. 

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