Hardwood Cuttings

Semi hardwood Cuttings are succulent and tender, for this reason it is important that they be handled so as to prevent wilting after they are cut and before they are planet d. The presence of leaves causes a high rate of transpiration, which makes this difficult. Best results may be secured by cutting Best results may be secured by cutting them during a cool part of the day, preferably in the  early morning, while the material is turgid. They should then be wrapped in moist cloth or moss until planted. Such cuttings are usually started in specialty prepared beds in a  greenhouse, hotbed or cold framer,some such as blueberry, are sometimes started out doors in special beds.
In addition to cool temperature, shade, and high humidity, which are essential factors for good results with semi hardwood cuttings, bottom heat may also be supplied in order to provide more desirable conditions for rooting. Manure is frequently used for this purpose, or the beds may be heated with flues, hot water, or electric heating elements.Shade may be provided by stretching domestic cloth at a height of 3to4 feet above the bed, of the glass of the greenhouse may be sprayed with lime whitewash to provide the same effect.On a small scale, cuttings may be planted in shallow boxes or flats placed in a shaded location. The cuttings and adjacent areas are sprayed with a water several times a day to keep the cuttings from wilting.

Hardwood Cuttings :
These are made from a wide variety of plants, including deciduous types, conifers, and broad-leaved evergreens.Cuttings of deciduous plants are taken during a the dormant season. Those of some plants are taken in the fall, packed in moist insulating material,. and stored at a temperature of 40 Degree F . These cuttings are usually placed in the bed about midwinter. While in storage they may have formed callus at each end this however in is not essential to routing. Instead of the procedure just outlined cuttings of some deciduous plants are taken and planted in later winter, shorty before they would normally resume growth.


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